Charlotte NC Real Estate Vs. Real Estate Reality TV

room-2559790_960_720By now, chances are you’ve watched a real estate reality TV show or two—or maybe even finished an entire marathon on a home improvement channel. You’ve likely started to form your own assumptions about how the real estate market works, whether you’re buying or selling a home, and think you know the ropes based on what that thirty minute or one hour time slot has presented to you.

However, what many Charlotte NC homebuyers and sellers don’t know is that real estate reality TV often depicts a very different picture than how the market actually behaves. As your local real estate expert in the Charlotte area, I’ve listed four ways the Charlotte real estate market is different than real estate reality TV shows.

Buyers Look at More Than Three Houses
Almost all home buying television shows set the scene where the buyer looks at three homes and then chooses the one that suits them best. But what you should know is that many buyers in Charlotte NC will look at ten or more properties before deciding on the one. The home search aspect of buying is often much longer than reality TV makes it out to be.

Low Ball Offers Don’t Always Win
One of the most common themes in home buying shows is the low ball offer. The buyers find their dream property and report back that they actually purchased the home for much lower than the listing price. While this can happen in certain scenarios—depending on the property and a variety of other factors—you should not enter into the home buying process thinking a low ball offer will always be accepted. It’s best to work with your agent on the best offer as going too low can risk turning off the sellers completely.

Selling Shouldn’t Be a Quick Decision
Watching real estate reality TV shows can give you the idea that selling your home just takes a brief discussion about your goals and before you know it, you have a For Sale sign in your yard. Homeowners in Charlotte NC and the surrounding communities need to understand that there is a great deal of preparation and research that should go into your decision to sell. Repairs need to be made, cleaning and de-cluttering should be taken care of, and research should be done to help you find the best price. Failing to do any of this could result in your home sitting on the market longer than necessary or ultimately selling for less than you’d like.

Showings Also Sell Homes
For home sellers in Charlotte NC, an open house is indeed a great marketing tactic and can help you find a buyer, but this is not the only way to sell your property. Reality TV shows tend to suggest that sellers always sell at the open house, but the fact is regular showings sell just as many homes as open houses.

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